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Discussing Tree Care Routines

Hi there, my name is Mel Dickons. Welcome to my website about tree care. When I moved out to the country, I was surprised to see a cluster of fruit trees on the edge of my property. I decided to support the growth of these trees with targeted care routines based on their exact needs. Through the years, the trees grew and flourished under my care, producing tons of fruit along the way. On this site, I will talk about all the different ways you can care for trees to bolster their growth. Please visit daily to learn new information about tree care. Thank you.


3 Major Reasons Why You Need To Hire Professional Tree Trimmers

20 July 2018
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Do you have one or more large trees growing on your property? How long has it been since any of your trees were pruned or trimmed back? If the answer to the second question is more than one year, it's probably time that you had a professional take a look at your trees and to trim them as necessary. While you might think that your trees don't need this because they seem to be doing just fine, there are a number of reasons why you should at least give serious thought to having your trees pruned. Read More …

4 Tips For Helping Your Yard Look Better

7 May 2018
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Taking time to work in your yard is sure to something that will pay off huge dividends for you. This will help your lawn look it's best and is sure to allow your property to be more valuable. There are numerous things you can do that will help you achieve a better-looking lawn and knowing what some of these are can be helpful to you. Tip #1:  Use natural fertilizers Read More …

Three Common Mistakes Made When Removing Trees

19 March 2018
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Sometimes there can be trees that you need to remove in your yard. Maybe they're damaging your fence. They could simply be an unsightly tree that you don't enjoy. Either way, it's important to remove trees the right way. Here are three common mistakes. Not Removing the Roots of the Trees If you don't remove the roots of the tree, it may simply regrow. You'll find yourself having to cut down this tree time and time again, and you may end up experiencing damage if the tree is growing into your foundation or growing along your fence line. Read More …

Six Tips For Better Tree Pruning

20 December 2017
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If you have decided to prune your trees yourself rather than hire a tree service, then it is important to be careful. You can't just cut branches willy-nilly and expect things to work out. Follow these six tips to make sure your pruning job helps your tree rather than harming it. Sanitize Your Shears Before you use your pruning shears, wipe them off with some rubbing alcohol. Also sanitize them with alcohol between trees. Read More …

Get Ready To Use Your Pool With Tree Trimming Service

6 December 2017
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When you live in a warm climate, you may be able to use your pool for almost the whole year. Around the time winter comes to an end the weather may be warm enough for swimming. But, you will want to prepare the backyard for using the pool to avoid some common problems. Investing in preventive measures with tree trimming service will save you time and money. Prevent Branches from Falling Read More …